Refined Sunflower Oil is visually appealing with its light yellow colour and superior clarity. Processed to perfection,using sophisticated' WESTFALIA Self Clening Separators with latest Techonology, therefore possessing a bland taste to allow the natural flavour of the food to come through.

Refined Sunflower oil is rich in natural Vitamin E, which acts as an natural antioxidant. It's health benefits, high smoke point and bland flavour, make it an excellent choice as a cooking medium.

Sunflower oil has very high PUFA Content(67%) which help to maintain perfect level of Cholestrol for Healthy Heart.

Sunflower Oil is Micro refined and 100% De-Waxed Oil which help in making Food very Light and Easy to Digest. Kirti Gold Refined Sunflower oil is Best as Frying Media, Give Crispness to the Fried Products.

Refined Sunflower oil is Fortified with added Vitamins A,D and E.

Oil is produced using the best quality sunflower oil(G.L.C. Tested) in India's 1st ISO 22000:2005 Certification For Food Safety Management Systems certified vegetable oil refinery. Thus assuring you the best of quality and purity.

Packing :1 Lt, 5 Lts. and 15 Lts. and 15 Kg. packs. 1ltr pet bottle